Thursday, June 27, 2013

So Glad We Were Here

President Furniss and I express our gratitude to the Lord for the wonderful opportunity we have been given to serve in the Korea Daejeon Mission.  We thank you for your interest and support.  We are grateful for parents who have sent well prepared sons and daughters to our mission. Our prayers and thoughts will be will this mission and all of our missionaries.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ambassadors of Heaven

FRONT:  Sister Hendricks, Sister Han, Sister Knapp, Sister Lee
2nd: Sister Kang, Sister Hunt, Sister Anderson, Sister Brooksby
3rd:  Elder Keyser, Elder Yang, Elder Hodges, Elder Anderson, Elder Barney
Back:  Elder Weller, Elder Khan, Elder Allan, Elder Forbes, Elder Bruce
Incoming missionaries in larger print 

We feel that you (missionaries) will make a grand success, because we sense and know that you have been called of God.  The wisdom of man would never have thought of such work as  I am surprised when I think of its greatness.  Pres. Lorenzo Snow

All In the Family

We said good-bye to Elder Park Da Sol and Elder Park Yun Ge who were both part of our "office family" as they finished their missions. They were both missionaries who were willing to make sacrifices to help others come to the knowledge of the truth. We will miss you.