Friday, August 27, 2010

Our First Trip to the Airport

They are Here!!!
We had met these five fine young men just over a week before in the MTC and were glad to see them arrive in Korea, dressed in suits and ready to go.
Elder Stephenson, Pres. Furniss, Elder Bischoff, Elder Paxman
Elder Choi, Elder Bradford, Sister Furniss, Elder Lee, Elder Anderson
Meeting the trainers Great trainers...Excited Elders Welcome to Daejeon

Our First Goodbye

Elder Sumsion, Elder Stephens, Elder Millard, Elder Duckworth, Elder Bulloch,
Elder Jube, Sisiter Copeland
(front)Elder Kappas, Elder Han Gi-Seok, Elder Shrack
Elder Duckworth handing over the AP phone to Elder Choi
There are no real good-byes
Where ever you will be
You'll be in our heart

We are glad you're here

Elder Smith, Elder Forsyth, Elder Lee, Elder Farrell, Elder Barton
We were thrilled to see these elders again. We had met them while in the MTC, and it is wonderful to have them here in Korea.
Our new Elders with the misson home crew.
New elders and wonderful trainers Elder Barton replaces his tie with one from his trainer Elder Sorensen. Yes, they match
A great start to a great mission

Good Bye Again

How lucky we are to have known those who are so hard to say good bye to.
Elder Anderson, Elder Thompson, Sister Cho, Elder Richards, Elder Burton
Elder D. Morin and Elder A. Morin Elder Elliott (pictured below) left just a few days earlier.
Elder Elliot with Pres. and Sister Furniss
Farewell at the train station
Goodbye as they leave for the bus station
These missionaries served so well. We will miss them.
Best of luck to all of you

Fun times