Friday, March 25, 2011

A fond Farewell

Fun Pictures


It may be quiet this moment......but the last
two weeks have been busy here at the mission office
Missionaries arriving and leaving, transfers
training and leadership

Enjoy the next twelve posts Zone Leader Council

now includes a different set of sisters each month
with their enthusiasm and insights
and of course Lunch

Sister Training

Sisters Training
We had two wonderful days of training together
These incredible ladies are dedicated to
finding those seeking the truth
Enjoying each others company Checking for mail or supplies and wishing each other luck

Office Couple

When our new office couple
Elder and Sister Brunson arrived
it was out for a traditional meal
and walk around town
Meet the missionaries then right to work training new missionaries We are glad your here!!!!!

Music for Eternity

time together or to just rest for a moment a sweet farewell as they sang hymns in the beautiful Korean language Every action of our lives touches a chord that will vibrate in eternity. Edwin Hubble Chaplin Their service in Korea touched the lives of many and will be felt through the eternities Pres. & Sister Furniss, Siste Kelley Elder Pearson, Elder Fertig, Elder Nye, Elder Blotter Elder Lallatin, Elder McArthur

Our bags are packed

They are ready to goTime to say goodbye.
Sister O'Bryan as we wish her the best
Sister O'Bryan and Sister Lee At the mission home our outgoing missionaries enjoy time together


Elder Stanger & Elder Ahn Sister Seo & Sister Burns Elder Sorenson & Elder Decker Elder Sorenson brought some necessary items to his "greenie" a new Korean "bling" tie and "trainer" chopsticks (the chopsticks are hinged) Elder Humphreys & Elder Bowcut GOOD LUCK

Meeting the Trainers

Elder Lee & Elder Holland
Elder Madsen & Elder Campbell
high school buddies now serving together in Korea
Elder Bishoff & Elder Clyde
Elder Jeong & Elder Parker

New Missionaries transfer board

Paper work....then
Their first look at the transfer board lets each missionary
see their new companion.


Arrival at the airport
a treadtional Korean meal seeing the town Each time a man stands up for an ideal or helps to improve the lots of others he sends forth a ripple of hope and joining others ripples to build a mighty current that can sweep down the mightiest walls Robert Kennedy back - Elder Campbell, Elder Humphreys, Elder Clyde, Elder Parker middle- Pres. Furniss, Elder Decker, Elder Holland Front- Elder Nelson (AP) Sister Furniss, Sister Burns Elder Stanger, Elder Choi (AP)