Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spirit of Missionary Work

True Christianity is love in action. There is no better way to manifest love for God than to show an unselfish love for your fellow men. This is the spirit of missionary work.
David O. McKay

Front: Sister Yoon, Sister Hendricks, Sister Hurt, Sister Ensign, Sister Furniss
2nd: Elder Wastart, Elder Kwan, Elder Yoon, Pres. Furniss
3rd: Elder Hansen, Elder Hall, Elder Russon
4th: Elder McGee, Elder Soloman, Elder Kim, Elder Arnett
Back: Elder Kim, Elder Park, Elder Crowther, Elder Miller, Elder Han, Elder Miller

School for Eternity

Elder Scoville, Elder Parker, Elder Eaves, Elder Stanger, Elder Park Young, Elder Decker
with President and Sister Furniss
Your mission is preparation. It was your school for eternity. You won't forget that, will you? This mission is not just a two-year stretch. This is the time when you cultivate the seeds of godhood so that you can help other people on their way toward exaltation. How small are we who think of the mission as just being a stretch of time, some physical things to do, a little studying to do, some praying. This is the most purposeful thing, perhaps, you have ever done in your life and possibly the most purposeful thing that some of you will ever do. It's up to you to let this be the prelude to your life, to let it be the beginning of a great and glorious life.
— Spencer W. Kimball

Fun Pictures

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We were privileged to have
Elder and Sister Michael Ringwood
from the First Quorum of the 70
be with us this week for mission tour. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Incoming slideshow

Outgoing Missionaries

Incoming October MIssionaries

Sister Bell, Sister Seo, Sister Hunt
Elder Paskett, Elder Wedam, Elder Robarts, Elder Yang, Elder Barney
Elder Bowman, Elder Forbes, Elder Ward, Elder Driggs, Elder Zaleski
“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
C.S. Lewis  

Sunday, September 23, 2012

That is Why We Were Here

Sister Egbert, Sister Allen, Pres.& Sister Furniss
Elder Allred, Elder Hardcastle, Elder Lee
Missionary work is a manifestation of our spiritual identity and heritage. We were foreordained in the premortal
existence and born into mortality to fulfill the covenant and promise God made to Abraham. We are here upon the earth at this time to magnify thepriesthood and to preach the gospel. That is who we are, and that is why
we are here--today and always.
Elder  Bednar 

Saying Good-bye

Bringing Joy, Peace, & Serenity

  Sister Painter, Sister Boone
  Sister Sheffield, Sister Heo
     Sister Won, Sister Brooksby
   Sister Seo, Sister Roueche
       Elder Walker, Elder Stanger,
    Elder Houston, Elder Park,
     Elder Schofield, Elder Lee,
       Elder Hwang, Elder Benson
There is no other labor in all the world that brings to a human heart, judging from my own personal experience, more joy, peace and serenity than proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ." 
Heber J. Grant

New Missionaries

Monday, August 6, 2012

Infinitely Worth It

Brother and Sister Brunson helped keep our mission
running smoothly as they have faithfully served in the
mission office.
The office now feels empty without them.
The office elders singing a farewell song to the Brunsons. As an expression of gratitute for the Brunson's service, the Samsung Ward gave them traditional Korean HonBoks The Brunson's love to hike and enjoyed hours in the beautiful Korean mountains. Good friends from the Samsung Ward joined them for their final hike in Korea.
Thank you for your service.
We miss you.
"Missionary service is not easy,
but it is infinitely worth it."
M. Russell Ballard

Welcome to the Mission

"I believe there is nothing in all the world that can compare with the joy that a man feels when he realizes that he has been the instrument in the hands of the living God of reaching some honest heart, inspiring in it a love of God and the desire to serve Him." Heber J. Grant -
Sister Kim, Sister Henrie, Sister Terry, Sister Song
Sister Knapp, Sister Sagers
(2nd) Elder Cho Kwanglin, Elder Jolley, Elder Yang,
Elder Jarnagin, Elder Russon, Elder Cho Kyuwon
(3rd) Pres. & Sister Furniss, Elder Orr, Elder Duncan,
Elder Draper, Elder Bricco, Elder Meigs
(back) Elder Campbell, Elder Esplin, Elder Choi
Elder Burningham, Elder Weller, Elder Warner

Fun Pictures

Greatest Force in the World

Elder Bea, Elder Ward, Elder Bertolino Elder Ferre, Elder Williams
Sister Dresden, Sister Meier, Sister Lund, Sister Miller, Sister Lee
We are strengthened by the truth that the greatest
force in the world today is the power of God
as it works through man.
Pres. Monson

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun Pictures

Our Cause is Just

Farewell to Wonderful Elders
Elder Forsyth, Elder Lee, Elder Smith, Elder Barton
with President and Sister Furniss
The battle for our souls is no less important that the battle fought by David. The enemy is no less formidable, the help of Almighty God no farther away. What will our action be? Like David of old, ‘our cause is just.’ We have been placed upon earth not to fail or fall victim to temptation’s snare, but rather to succeed. Our giant, our Goliath, must be conquered.” Thomas S. Monson,

Eternal Consequences

Elder Otterson, Sister Cho, Elder Culver
Elder Eaves and Elder Otterson
Elder Culver and Elder Stanger
Sister Cho and Sister Egbert
You are called to represent the Savior. Your voice to testify becomes the same as His voice, your hands to lift the same as His hands. His work is to bless His Father's spirit children with the opportunity to choose eternal life. So, your calling is to bless lives. Your call has eternal consequences for others and for you. In the world to come, thousands may call your name blessed, even more than the people you serve here. They will be the ancestors and the descendants of those who chose eternal life because of something you said or did, or even what you were. . .You see, there are no small callings to represent the Lord." Henry B. Eyring

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Charter Group

We said good-bye to the missionaries that arrived a week
after Pres. and Sister Furniss came to Daejeon.
We all grew together.
Elder Paxman, Elder Bishoff, Elder Farrell, Pres. Furniss
Sister Kim, Sister Min, Sister Cutler, Sister Furniss
Nothing is so interesting as to be able to watch the change and progress of another. Like a plant, we were tender at first and grew in strength, reached for the light, and tried to bloom where we were planted.