Monday, March 5, 2012

Pictures from Daejeon

Thank you for being patient with me. Click Older posts to view and enjoy the next five posts. You will be able to see two slideshows as well as our incoming and outgoing missionaries.

Time Together

Fun Pictures

Loyal Devoted Service

We are saying good-bye to wonderful missionaires.
Sister Bush with Pres. and Sister Furniss
Elder Kim, Elder Routt, Elder Kim
They have truly given of themselves to missionary service.
A Sweet Reunion
Elder Kim (left) was here in the mission
home for the last day of his mission as
Elder Lee arrived for the first day of his mission
Elder Lee baptized Elder Kim into the church.
Thanks for helping others here in Korea.
Pres. Monson states : Help others in their race of life.
Remember that when you help another up a mountain,
you are a little nearer the top yourself.

Welcome to New Missionaries

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pressing Forward with New Missionaries

We are happy to introduce several groups of missionaries
to the Korea Daejeon Mission.
Sister Furner , Sister Meier (T) Sister Cutler (T) Sister Hurt
Sister Furniss, Sister Hansen, Sister Kim (T)
Pres. Furniss, Elder Yoon, Elder Stephenson (T)

Elder Bea, Sister Kim (T), Sister Won, Sister Hoe, Sister Min (T)

Sister Hong, Sister Allen (T), Elder Smith

Elder Carter (T) Elder Lyu, Elder McDonald, Elder McGee

Elder Jolley (T), Elder Lee

Sister Furniss, Elder Madsen (T), Elder Barton (T), Elder Williams (T)

Elder Choi and President Furniss

Discipleship is not simply surviving and enduring.
Discipleship is a pressing forward, a creative Christianity.
Discipleship does not wait to be acted upon,
but instead acts upon men and circumstances
to make things better.
Neal A. Maxwell