Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome to Daejeon

Due to changes in airlines, our missionaries now arrive late at night. We greeted them about 10:30 pm, then boarded buses for the 3 hours drive to Daejeon. They were up the next morning at 6:00 am and looking great. Elder Ward, Elder Allred, Elder Williams, Elder Hardcastle Sister Bush, Sister Uyanga, Sister Min

Hello, My friend, Hello

Wonderful missionaries with Incredible Trainers
The moment that trainers are introduced to their new companion is very sweet. Both are excited to teach and learn. Both feel appreciation and love for the other.

Saying Goodbye

What you do for yourself leaves with you
But what you did for those in Korea remains forever in their hearts
Elder Curriden & Elder Choi
Sister Nam, Sister McKay, Sister Judd Writing a farewell note to the Furniss' When the tears dry the smile spreads across our face. Nothing will ever change so much as to erase the bonds to Korea Good bye our friends Good bye

Behind the Scenes at Zone Conference

Happy Birthday

The Lighter Side of Zone Conference

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sisters Conference

We had a wonderful day together at Sisters Conference. Our sisters can often go for months without seeing old companions and MTC friends.
Sister Pierce had an awesome picture collage for us to do.
She finished the morning with a workshop on
by sharing fun stories from our sisters.

More Sisters' Conference

Lunch at the mission home Back to the church for Women's Conference Broadcast
It was great to be together as Sisters.