Monday, August 6, 2012

Infinitely Worth It

Brother and Sister Brunson helped keep our mission
running smoothly as they have faithfully served in the
mission office.
The office now feels empty without them.
The office elders singing a farewell song to the Brunsons. As an expression of gratitute for the Brunson's service, the Samsung Ward gave them traditional Korean HonBoks The Brunson's love to hike and enjoyed hours in the beautiful Korean mountains. Good friends from the Samsung Ward joined them for their final hike in Korea.
Thank you for your service.
We miss you.
"Missionary service is not easy,
but it is infinitely worth it."
M. Russell Ballard

Welcome to the Mission

"I believe there is nothing in all the world that can compare with the joy that a man feels when he realizes that he has been the instrument in the hands of the living God of reaching some honest heart, inspiring in it a love of God and the desire to serve Him." Heber J. Grant -
Sister Kim, Sister Henrie, Sister Terry, Sister Song
Sister Knapp, Sister Sagers
(2nd) Elder Cho Kwanglin, Elder Jolley, Elder Yang,
Elder Jarnagin, Elder Russon, Elder Cho Kyuwon
(3rd) Pres. & Sister Furniss, Elder Orr, Elder Duncan,
Elder Draper, Elder Bricco, Elder Meigs
(back) Elder Campbell, Elder Esplin, Elder Choi
Elder Burningham, Elder Weller, Elder Warner

Fun Pictures

Greatest Force in the World

Elder Bea, Elder Ward, Elder Bertolino Elder Ferre, Elder Williams
Sister Dresden, Sister Meier, Sister Lund, Sister Miller, Sister Lee
We are strengthened by the truth that the greatest
force in the world today is the power of God
as it works through man.
Pres. Monson